Thomas Carney, born free in 1754, served bravely in the American Revolutionary War. Enlisting in Sarer’s Company in 1777, he later joined the 5th and then 7th Maryland Regiments, participating in battles such as Germantown, Guilford CourtHouse, Camden, Hobkirk’s Hill, and Ninety-Six Star Fort.

A big man, known for his heroism, Thomas Carney gained notoriety for bayoneting seven enemy soldiers in a single charge at the Guilford Court House Battle, and for saving the life of his injured captain by carrying him across the battlefield to reach a surgeon at the Battle of the Ninety-Six Star Fort.

He fought at the Battle of Eutaw Springs in 1781 and was promoted to corporal. After the war, Carney was given pensions from both the state and federal governments for his outstanding military service in the Revolutionary War. He married and had children, settling as a farmer in Caroline County, Maryland. His dedication and courage during the war exemplify the resilience and determination that shaped the United States.

Journal of the American Revolution

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