Untold Stories of Patriots of the American Revolution Quiz

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1. This Massachusetts Patriot is credited with firing the shot that killed the British general John Pitcairn.

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2. This Revolutionary war hero from Maryland Eastern shore saved the life of his captain at the battle of Ninety-six by carrying him to safety on his shoulders.

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3. In addition to being the daughter of a wealthy general and politician and the wife of a founding father, this Patriot was a supporter of the Constitution and involved with the publishing of the Federalist Papers.

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4. This person assisted soldiers by preparing meals and washing and mending clothing. They also spoke to George Washington on two separate occasions.

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5. This Patriot was born into slavery and served as a double agent during the Revolutionary War, giving misleading information to the British.

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6. This Patriot took up arms against the British after her husband was killed loading the cannons. She began loading the cannons and firing them until she was shot and injured.

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7. Disguising herself as a man to serve in the Continental Army, this Patriot dug trenches, scouted territory, and led a successful Tory raid before an injury led to the discovery of her identity and she was honorably discharged.

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